Vision and Mission Statement

There is hardly a more beautiful motto than that of Cambridge:   NON VOBIS (Not For Ourselves).   The simple teaching of these words by Virgil has inspired generations of Cambridge learners for over a century.   The essential humanity of the Latin poet is active in every facet of what we strive to do.   It accounts for that unique warmth and indefatigable spirit pervading every classroom, alive in every sporting encounter and animating the staffroom.


As a school, we measure our success by:


·         in involvement of family, community and professional teaching staff in a caring partnership of educators;

·         insisting on the highest standards of professionals expertise and dedication from our teachers;

·         striving for self-motivated excellence in every activity that faces each of our learners;

·         developing the virtues of self-discipline, self-examination, humility and determination in each learner;

·         fostering self-esteem, integrity and loyalty in each individual;

·         encouraging at all times a respect for others, a concern for their needs, and an enlightened understanding of the dignity and worth of each human being, regardless of race, gender or belief.



We will strive to offer the best in facilities, a wide choice of subject combinations, excellent and motivated staff, all resulting in disciplined, successful and happy learners.